Lessons from March Madness

18 Mar

If I am honest, I have never understood the hype around March Madness. Outside of watching my alma mater, University of Florida (Go Gators!) I have not really watched the all day and night college basketball games. Well this year I am really into the tournament. I now get the reference to “March Madness”. The results of some of these games have been straight madness!! They demonstrate the what champions are made of- hard work, grit and a whole lot of perseverance.

I often think that every child should be involved in sports. Even the most unathletic child can learn something from the competition and adversity that the world of sports offer. These are life lessons that our children need to learn early if they expect to compete to succeed. I find that I myself as a parent can make things a little too easy for my two heartbeats. Since they were younger we have come to their rescue, shielded them from the storms of life and were overall helicopter parents. As they get older the reality of them needing to prepare for adversity has made me step my game up with them. It’s not uncommon for me to tell them in my Kevin Hart voice, “You gon learn today.”

So as I watch March Madness it makes me realize even more that I must prepare my kids for the day that they will face someone bigger, stronger and maybe even smarter. Despite the the obstacle, they can only control how prepared they are to work. So here are a few parenting lessons I will pass on to my kids from March Madness:

1. Endure to the end.

2. Persistence and hard work can overcome talent.

3. Don’t let people’s labels on you dictate how far you can go.

4. Be consistent. Do things the right way. (Fade away threes don’t win games).

5. Sometimes you will have to encourage yourself and be your own cheerleader.

6. You are who you are so make the best of everything God has given you.

7. Sometimes things will not go your way…but you can keep going. It will get better.

8. When you think you have given your all- dig a little deeper.

9. You cannot win alone.

10. Believe that miracles can happen. You will need them every once in a while.

11. Even when you are at the top of your game you have to perform like you are still trying to stay there.

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