14 Dec

Does my child look successful? Yes, success has a look. It is not defined by name brands or price tags. But it is judged by presentability and appropriateness.  We can not allow our children to think that they alone can define what they must look like in order to succeed and compete with the competition.

Just as someone plays on a team and they have to wear a uniform-so goes life.  Children need to be taught the appropriate look is required for certain situations.  Many times people are judged just by how they look. What they are wearing. Their appearance. I’m not even referring to race.  I’m talking about the part we can control.  Haircut, fit of  attire and whether undergarments are visible.

We cannot allow pop culture define how our children look.  Sagging cannot be an option.  Bed hair that looks like it has not been groomed when out in public should be a no-no. We as parents have a lot more control over our kids than we think. If we set the standard and don’t let up they will follow. Now I am not saying they should walk around in blazers and bow ties.  But they have to learn there is a time and place for everything.

Our children need to know they are making  first impressions everywhere they go. They will have plenty of time to “walk to the beat of their own drum”. Once they have established themselves and built their reputation,then they can dress how they want because they will have built  credibility and developed judgment.

Now as a mom to a son who would wear athletic gear to the White House if you let him and a daughter who would join him with rain boots, leggings and anything shimmery I get the struggle of regulating attire.  But I know it is necessary.

Yes, there are outliers. People who will see past appearance. But in most cases we are not that lucky. Remember people are conditioned to judge.

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