14 Dec

Recently I had the wonderful pleasure of spending an afternoon with Nadia Policard of Niche Parent Network, Atlanta bloggers and Chanda Bell, co-founder of Elf on the Shelf.  We gathered at Piece of Cake, an upscale bakery in Buckhead to celebrate the birthday of Birthday Elf on the Shelf.

Me and Chanda Bell at the Elf on the Shelf Birthday Party Delicious lunch and exquisite cupcakes aside, the highlight of the day was listening to Chanda Bell eloquently share the history and purpose of Elf on the Shelf.  Twin sisters, Chanda Bell and Christi Pitts, along with their mother, Carol Aebersold took what was a family tradition and decided to share it with the world.  They co-authored and self-published a story centered around their own Elf on the Shelf and the new Christmas Tradition was born.  Chanda’s down to earth personality and funny stories kept me enthralled. Listening to how this former teacher and stay at home mom evolved as a mompreneur was intriguing and inspiring.

She went on to share the new tradition of the birthday elf.  She even read the story to us!  The Birthday Elf kit comes with the story and 4721a cute little birthday outfit for the scout elf that children have come to love from the Christmas Tradition.

The birthday tradition originated from children’s longing to see their scout elf again.  This tradition gives children one more day during the year to receive a visit from their scout elf.  Along with the birthday tradition, parents can also purchase the birthday decorating kit that the scout elf uses to decorate the birthday child’s chair.  And for kids like my daughter who starts counting down her birthday the day after her birthday, there is a neat Velcro birthday countdown caMy goodie bag from the party!lendar with a  “pin the candle on the cupcake” party game on the opposite side.

Once again Creatively Classic Activities and Books®, the family company, has managed to create a memory for families.  As one who has not joined the Elf on the Shelf in previous years, I must say that after hearing the history and her heart I am a convert!  This year I will adopt an elf for my children and we will make new family memories.

Personally, I look fondly on my childhood memories and know that they are a huge part of the person I am today.  Consequently, I work hard to create memories and new experiences for my children in hopes that the experiences they have  now will impact the person they become in the future.

So thank you Chanda for sharing a little love and tradition and inspiring families all over the world to make time for memories.


Elf on the Shelf Convert

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