14 Dec

At the beginning of the summer, I launched a twitter campaign #40daysofsummerfun.  This has been a reminder for me as a working mom who is trying her best to balance work and family to take time out ljto make sure my children are enjoying their down times.  We often hear professionals say “work hard, play hard”, well I am instilling that in my young people now. During the school year we work very hard on exceeding expectations and staying ahead of the curve. This is no secret as I explicitly tell them that we set our own standards.  I want them to know that for their hard work they are rewarded with downtime- summer break.

As I reflect on this first half of the summer some of our most memorable moments include:

  • Fun days at the library.
  • Water days in the front yard.
  • My daughter harvesting her first crop of carrots and peas.
  • Participating in Regal Cinema’s $1 movie day.
  • My son swinging a club for the first time at golf camp.
  • My daughter making her ballet debut on the last day of Princess Ballerina camp.
  • Enjoying King of Pops Popsicles.
  • Making gummy worms out of gelatin.
  • Doing our Ole dance during the FIFA World Cup.
  • My daughter hosting a summer tea party for her friends.
  • Making pretzels in the Pretzel Maker at midnight!

As I look at all of the fun things my husband and I have done with the children I can say that perhaps we have the work/home balance thing a little more under control than we thought.  I think the reality is that we make time for what is important.  What’s important to us is that our children look back on their lives as adults and have wonderful stories to tell of fun and enriching experiences with their family.  These times are so important to our children’s success as whole individuals.

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